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The Homestaging technique is original of the United States, and emerges as an essential
tool of marketing in the Real State sector. It is defined as the set of techniques whose
main objective is REVALORIZATION of the property, in order to allow its faster and more
efficient trading in the market. Specifically,the properties are optimized and made more attractive. The main advantages of having our office are: -Reduction time that the asset remains in the market without materializing its sale. -Power the increase of the price both in the sale and in the rent. -Improves the photographic image of the property. -Portal Virtual Staging, a service is provided via telephone, advising,
recommending via photographs, using specific software to show different concepts,
scenarios and possibilities applying the staging technique. Our Clients are: * Individuals: Seek help from a professional to sell or rent your asset in the best conditions
and in the shortest time possible. * Real estate: They resort to us for a comprehensive advice that differentiates them from the
competition, and with which they achieve their objectives in optimizing time and resources. * Builders and Financial Institutions: They appeal to us not only to decorate the assets
or real estate, but through staging, depersonalize the properties neutralizing them and
eliminating the subjective preferential component. * High Standing: They require our services in order to seek exceptionality and complete
differentiation so that there is a maximum revaluation of the property. Main Properties: * Housing New Construction. Pilot Floors * Old houses. * Commercial premises. How we work: -We visit real estate and elaborate proposals with inventories. -We repair and restore preparing formulas with our recommendation through a 3D vision of the result. -We depersonalize real estate, removing the subjective component and transforming space into neutral.   ** All our budgets are personalized. For any question, request or clarification contact in our email
address: info@trebolli.com**